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Greta is 17, a brilliant and also stunning girl. Nevertheless, she is additionally defiant as a result of her unstable residence life. Dismissed by her mother, Karen, that gets on her 3rd marital relationship, Greta is shipped off to her grandparents for thes summer season. She is not delighted about it and also neither are her grandparents. She informs them that she completely plans to eliminate herself prior to the summer season is over and also assembles a notebook of self-destruction methods.

Greta’s snarky mindset results in her being used a task as a waitress at a local fish and shellfish restaurant. While functioning there, her strange funny bone makes her attractive to numerous consumers. Greta succumbs to a charismatic short-order chef called Julie. When he reveals to her that he was as soon as jailed in a juvenile reformatory for swiping vehicles, Greta is even more attracted to him. Julie tells her that his experience made him determined to do something favorable with his life and he tries to convince Greta to not give up on hers. He is startled when he sees Greta’s “self-destruction checklist“.

Although Greta’s grandparents Katherine as well as Joseph are looking for an alternative to initially worried regarding her boyfriend’s criminal past, Julie confirms himself worthwhile of their trust and demonstrates that he really does look after Greta. Joseph tells him about Greta’s papa, that dedicated suicide in front of Greta when she was very young. Julie also demonstrates his respect for Greta when she tries to lose her virginity to him. He informs her he will certainly not be one of the important things she marks off of her “to-do list” which it needs to be another time.

The police come as an outcome of neighbors having seen Julie been available in with the top tale window. In the beginning the grandparents are disturbed with Julie for existing. Greta is called within to talk with them as well as she describes to her grandparents he existed at her demand. The grandfather goes outside and also squares points with the police. Julie after that describes to the grandparents that he best regards looks after Greta.

While the 4 are out sailing in Joseph’s boat, Greta tries to drown herself. When Julie saves her, the shock causes Katherine to have a mild cardiac arrest. Katherine is given a favorable prognosis by a doctor and also she and her partner stay the evening at a local hospital. Julie is mad at Greta, telling her that she needs to value the life she has. The close to catastrophe gives Greta a wake-up telephone call as well as reveals her how deeply her own actions influence those around her.

Once Katherine comes back from the healthcare facility, Greta is determined to show her how sorry she is. Katherine, nevertheless, is still furious at her, informing Greta she does not even recognize what she is sorry about. She and Greta have a heart-to-heart discussion, although they are disturbed by Greta’s mother, Karen, as well as her present other half, that have concerned take Greta to a summer season bootcamp. The grandparents are shocked at Karen’s rough actions.

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Greta runs away to speak to Julie that tells her that she is without a doubt very screwed up, however a bootcamp will certainly never ever aid her if she does not intend to assist herself. Julie’s guidance calms Greta and she returns to your house to find her mommy has already packed up her points. Joseph shows up as well as disrupts them all informing Karen that Greta does not need a bootcamp, she requires love, and that Greta and Karen will certainly both be sticking with them.

The three ladies bond checking out old pictures as well as the movie finishes with Greta leaving her self-destruction note pad in the sea as well as in a voice over (letter to her mother) thanking her for allowing her stay for the rest of the summer season with her grandparents.

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Hilary Duff as Greta Evelina O’Donnell
Michael Murphy as Joseph O’Donnell
Ellen Burstyn as Katherine O’Donnell
Evan Ross as Julie Robinson
Maury Ginsberg as Lou Hirano
Dave Shalansky as The Installer
Melissa Leo as Karen O’Donnell- Detector
Oren Skoog as Steve Detector
Christopher Hakim as Andrew
Vivan Dugré as Donna Garcia

Younger Hillary Duff
Hilary Duff of “Lizzie McGuire” at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)
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