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After her mother, Karen (Melissa Leo) obtains married for the third time, 17-year-old Greta (Hillary Duff with her official Instagram), that had observed her dad kill himself, withdraws within herself, as well as transforms rebellious. In lieu of bootcamp she is sent to deal with her mother’s grandparents, Katherine (Ellen Burstyn) and also Joseph (Michael Murphy) where she makes it understood that she is figured out to eliminate herself. She after that falls for a chef, Julie (Evan Ross) at the local restaurant, much to the chagrin of her grandparents – especially when they figure out he had actually been interned in a juvenile reformatory. Faced with all-round opposition and also miserable with her life Greta intends her self-destruction throughout a boating trip – a strategy that will certainly not just subject closeted skeletons, yet additionally smash and also transform every person’s lives permanently.

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