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A great movie needs a an even greater idea., when having an intriguing or original plot can give filmmakers a good head start on crafting a memorable in theatre experience, but if the outline is not built upon or executed well, the result may have the film crashing and burning. and Greta is no exception, a thriller Neil Jordan and Ray Wright with Isabelle Huppert. Greta tells the story of a young woman named Frances who has lately moved to New York from a small town. One day on the subway, she finds a woman’s purse and decides to give it to her.

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The purse belongs to an old French woman named Greta who rapidly befriends Frances. This friendship soon takes a dark turn as Greta begins stalking Frances around the city and treats him like a kid. As the movie carries on, Gretas motivations become increasingly hostile to the point that Frances fears for her life. The premise in Greta is solid. That premise, however, completely and completely fails to pertained to fruition, as Greta is nearly laughably bad from starting to end. The first whiff that the public receives of this stink pile comes inside the first few minutes. Right off the bat, the dialogue is just awful.

The characters in Greta are tools for the story not in an intelligent or subtle way, but in a frustrating and annoying way Its nearly as if Jordan and Wright completely misunderstood what the point of having characters in a story is. They use the characters as a means to provide info to the audience as opposed to actually having them be real people existing in the world and situation provided. . Additionally to the awful dialogue and use of its characters, the editing in Greta is incredibly lazy. Firstly, virtually all the frightening parts in this movie are just sudden bursts, which is lazy enough as is. What makes it worse, though, is that even the jump scares are just sloppily thrown together. At one point, the overdramatic music burst is not even lined up correctly with the scare.

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Each time a character opens their mouth, out spews a series of clich dialogue. There is not a single line in Greta that sounds like something someone would honestly say. The whole movie is full of individuals over explaining their background, saying exactly what’s motivating them at a given moment, and gifted talent doing their best to deliver the dull and wooden words they’re presented with. The film is not that complicated. And yet it still spoon feeds info to its spell. They’ll even audience out why they did not go to the police at a specific moment an explanation that does not hold any water, by the way.

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